We represented a hospital and an ER physician in this case in which the 53-year-old plaintiff claimed that the defendants all overlooked and negligently failed to timely diagnose her colon cancer, causing the diagnosis to be delayed until it was a Stage III, invasive tumor of the sigmoid colon, significantly diminishing her odds of cure or long-term survival.  Our team defended our two clients on the basis that they had warned the plaintiff when she came to the emergency room that her symptoms required cancer to be ruled out by undergoing imaging studies and possibly a biopsy, but she elected to sign out of the hospital against medical advice. She claimed in the suit that the sign-out note in the hospital record was false or embellished, and that she had never been made to understand that ruling out cancer was the reason our clients wanted to admit her.  As her attorneys attempted to reach a global settlement with all defendants, we advised them that we would be filing our motion for summary judgment imminently.  They then elected to execute a voluntary stipulation of discontinuance releasing our two clients from the action without any indemnity payment.  A group of the remaining co-defendants collectively settled for a seven-figure sum.